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remember an editor from a Chinese magazine pointing out that she found it funny that in amongst the British press block at Paris shows, I did sort of look like I been seated in the wrong block because I was the odd one out. when there are incidents where we (as in us scant East Asians, a definite minority in London fashion industry) are confused, merged and painted into one single Chinese/Japanese/Korean generic persona and reduced to being say, that girl from the Cambridge Satchel ads, I can help but feel miffed. slightly though. , who ran her own couture label for several years in Los Angeles, enrolled in the academy's online program to earn a master's degree to further her career as a fashion educator. But the three years helped her grow creatively, and "now I kind of want to move to Brussels and work for some sort of cool designer," she joked. Her collection was based on draping and seam manipulation rather than sketching and patterns. all the clothing was conservative, and evening appropriate, I love the Hats going to church in a evangelical Southern Baptist church easter sunday! Aretha's gray hat is perfect but not as perfect as her voice! I love at day at the horse races! I like the hats women make for themselves most, the inagural ball and its designers were a treat, the detal in Michelle Obama's dress needed to be experienced in person to appreciate its detail. for sure, no designer needed to hide Michelle's perfect figure though. But it was a pg-13 special historical event that called for dignity and conservatism. Daniel Craig and Rachel Weiss were also looking great. Joan did not think they looked too good. She wore a black gown with long black netting over the shorter dress underneath that matched the bodice. At least, I suggest, she seems to have this huge work ethic based, in part, on wanting to prove herself. "Oh yeah. When I was younger, I was endlessly saying to myself: [she lowers her voice] 'I'm going to prove to all of you that I can do this.' I'm less like that now. Army restrictions, Gellhorn traveled in Italy with Free French troops accommodating, unsurprisingly, to women reporters bucked the system by arriving on the D-Day invasion beaches as a stowaway. Stripped of her accreditation, she nevertheless used charm and wit, courage and quick feet to keep up with the armies. She accompanied a night combat mission in the skies over Germany, flak bursting around the airplane, and as her marriage dissolved, had a torrid affair with General James Gavin of 82nd Airborne.

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